We help you make the most optimal connection between your process and machine with state-of the art diamond tooling. Our tools have the highest accuracy and tool life in the market and create the best finishes for your end-product.

Tools & Applications for the Optics and Printing industry

With 40 years of experience in diamond tooling solutions we have in-depth knowledge of how our tools can be used in different applications and machines. We offer standardized and custom made diamond tooling to meet any manufacturing and R&D challenge you have. Our diamond tooling solutions cover the spectrum of ultra-precision machining of optical components and mechanical engraving of printing rolls. Our tools have varying levels of precision and utilizing both natural and synthetic single crystal stones for the optics industry. This is complemented by extensive applications support. On- site technical support and education is provided to allow tool management and care programs to be implemented, thus optimizing your investment. 

Our tools are used to manufacture spectacle lenses, contact and intra-ocular lenses, lens molds for electronical components, photo-receptor drums, infra-red and laser optics, mirrors and other optics applications.
Our tool assortment covers a wide range of applications such as turning, milling, shaving/shaping, fly-cutting and mechanical engraving.
Our tool assortment includes a range of holders of insert tools, shank tool, milling tools, flycutting tools, styli, bur-cutters and anvils.

Application and Testing center

Our newly developed Application and Testing center with state of art diamond turning equipment will help you optimize your tool selection and cutting parameters for your specific component material and quality demands. We also provide training for your operators and process engineers.

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Why you should choose Contour Fine Tooling

Long tool-life

Contour tools maximize the number of components per tool edge and number of relaps per tool. 

Local service on a global basis

With Contour-managed production sites on every continent we minimize your relap/repair turn-around time.

Industry-leading tool accuracy

Contour tool radiuses achieve the highest radius tolerances for your cutting edge components.

Contour launches a new website


We work every day on delivering the best product and best service for our customers. In order to improve our online customer journey we have re-develop our website. With quick and easy acces to tool and service information etc.

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We tailor-make your diamond tool for optimal fit with your machine tool, process and component quality requirement.