Under the product family name of Technodiamant we offer extremely precise diamond anvils made of the highest quality diamond.

Diamond is used as a material to produce anvils because diamond has the highest compressive strength as compared to other materials known by man. For this reason diamond anvils can withstand the extreme compressive forces developed during tests in high pressure research. Besides its hardness diamond has the property of being transparent in most of the spectrum; from visible to far in the infrared. Technodiamant has been producing highly specialized diamond tools used for precision machining and other applications since 1968. By combining the polishing talents of gem diamond craftsmen and craftswomen with the precision equipment and expertise used in producing and measuring precision diamond tools we are able to produce extremely precise diamond anvils made of the highest quality diamond. Technodiamant uses type IA or type IIA diamonds without fracture, inclusions or imperfections.

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