Anticipating market requirements and working with customers in both industry and academia, we continuously work on machine and tool development. With our center we can support our customers R&D efforts with specific tool-machine testing.

Supporting our customers' machining productivity

In our newly opened global innovation center we conduct a number of activities aimed a supporting our customer’s machining productivity:

We replicate the customers’ production process to provide a “proof-of-concept” machining setup for the customer component in question. A proof-of-concept machining setup provides component, machine, cutting tool and tool path details complimented with component measurement verification.

We also use it as a training center for your process engineers and operators. With training and education on cutting tool theory and tool handling.

About us

Over the past 40 years, Contour Fine Tooling has earned a reputation for innovation, precision, quality and value for money in the field of single point diamond cutting tools. We have developed our own specialized machines and our operators and technicians are true craftsman in their trade.

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Why you should choose Contour Fine Tooling

Long tool-life

Contour tools maximize the number of components per tool edge and number of relaps per tool.

Local service on a global basis

With Contour-managed production sites on every continent we minimize your relap/repair turn-around time.

Industry-leading tool accuracy

Contour tool radiuses achieve the highest radius tolerances for your cutting edge components.